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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 15, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> james: good morning, 4:00 a.m., five people shot in the mission district for the search continues for the shooter. things keep getting worse for people in japan after that massive earthquake in this tsunami, at the big danger now is radiation. a big day for california teachers to learn if they lose their jobs, we will tell you how those cuts will affect schools and the bay. >> louisa: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. every day this week we have a chance of showers, i will let you know when you're expecting the most rain. >> erica: tuesday morning commute, no problems to report, complete check and your bridges coming up.
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>> james: developing story at this are five people had been injured in a shooting in san francisco. it happened after 11:00 p.m. on 16th and caledonia. one victim suffered life- threatening injuries, four victims on life- threatening, all five transported to hospital. the shooting could be gang- related but no suspects or motive has not been identified. keebler ceiling themselves indoors to protect themselves in dangerous levels of radiation. there have been three reactors portion near where they live. a japanese nuclear safety officials as the water inside the storage pool for damage reactor may be boiling. it says rear activity from japan's
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earthquake quake broke the color print is being released directly into the atmosphere. that is not a good sign. resources have pulled a 70 year-old woman from rebel pardon me i should say rescue workers have pulled her from the rubble. others come out red, canned goods have vanished from shows in japan. the official according may keep food from those who need it. roads are not possible in japan, the train tracks are in disarray, many airports are flooded. this is the seeing as you head san francisco international airport, for flights arrived from japan, they were filled with people who did not expect to leave so soon but did not have trees. >> we just bought our
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tickets yesterday. no one could get to the airport so let us on the flight early. we're on the roads and they rode close down. things were shaking, it was crazy. the whole day was like being on the boat, rocking, swaying. >> it was crazy, worst thing i've ever experienced. >> i was on a train pot for, things are really shaky. -- train platform. all the trees or closed for new softer--when it was over. hundreds of people were lined up waiting for buses,
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they really came, shows repair of food,--shells were air of food. it was a panic. >> james: we have more coverage on our website at you can access any time for the very latest on the situation that continues develop minute by minute. new details of the san burner gas line explosion, today's the deadline for pg&e to provide records of its pipeline to the california public utilities committee. pacific gas and electric company had inaccurate documents about the pipeline exploded on september 9th. we will sue happens today.--see what happens today. today's the deadline for pink slips to be set out to teachers,
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here's a preview of the changes. >> reporter: and education news tuesday as the last day for pink slips to be sent to teachers who could lose their jobs. the numbers could grow as high as 24,000. already we've heard estimates of 540 jobs. in a san francisco as many as 500. >> james: let's get a checked the weather, louisa is standing by at that. good morning. >> louisa: we are expecting plenty of rainfall moving in starting in the north bay hall law spreading sell all rocking a san francisco, the north bay could see anywhere from 1/4 7 in. to 3/4 of an
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inch. current temperatures sitting in the '50s for san francisco, 57th, haywar 57 highe hayward in concord. will stir up in the north bay, then it starts to intensify towards noon. heavy downpours, whereas we had in the afternoon moderate-heavy downpours to the north bay. there's even a slight chance of picking up and isolated thunderstorms. then as we head towards 4:00, evening commute will likely be a wet one. south bay you like it to divert great, showers expected to continue. -- south bay you might get a break. iraq denies they
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expect to stay fairly cool upper 50s-low 60s. --your afternoon highs. along the coast of 50s, 65 in mountain view and san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. no break in the wet weather and in fact we will continue to keep chances of rain right through the week, and to the weekend. the next room to store on thursday. friday, heavy stuff moving in. >> erica: thank you, great start for your tuesday morning commute we do not have any hot sparks, slow spots, getting out the door with a bridge check. bay bridge, just a few cars out
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there, those metering lights have not been activated. no slowdowns from the shore freeway. instead of the bay bridge, if you're heading to the san mateo, no problems to in either direction of '92. to her traffic is moving into foster city, no problems to report. not tracking any overnight construction. over to the golden gate bridge, south bound, 101, not as obvious as we sought yesterday. -- not as faultoggy. >> james: we will take a quick break, another live look outside as we go, from the james lick, showing you a nice ride in and out of san francisco. we'll be right back.
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>> james: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more share activity and resin wet forecast. the this morning, senator john mccain says the top u.s. senator will make tough answers to tough questions. meanwhile the chairmen and the federal reserve board will meet today to discover it possible change in interest rates. there is a purchase bond program that set to
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expire economists think they will agree to stick with the pace the risks for the economy will likely complicate efforts to force consensus. health insurance company here in california says it is missing data services containing health corp., social security numbers for nearly 2 million customers. they can't account for and data center in their system. a quick check on wall street, u.s. stocks are headed for a sell-off. dow futures drop as much as 270 points. this all follows a 10% drop in japan's leading index. the nikkei drumrolltumbled. the mony sentiment reading for march is coming out, hawaii got there first, according to aaa hawaii's average price
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is $4 california stands at $3.96. take a look here come the oakland $3.97, san francisco $4.10.10. toyota is trading close to $4 million for relief and recovery efforts to japan. they stopped production in several manufacturing plant located in the disaster area. were running out of the quake is impacting business. >> reporter: japan's earthquake and tsunami may have an economic impact here in the states. for the manufacturing plants in japan have been shut down. sales managers here at one turn of the say shutting down those plants means
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stopping the production in japan like the toyota prius. they say that will impact sales here. >> james: we will take a break, much more straight ahead, let's give you a quick look outside at the golden gate bridge. easy ride this morning. the weather does not look too bad. a full check on your forecasts, coming up in a minute.
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>> james: a fairly well we had louisa has the latest. >> louisa: good morning, this is a shot from are all in the camera, it is dry. --the need camera. --all t we are staying dry looks
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like we'll pick up some sprinkles from the north down to the south. we do expect some periods of heavy rain. slight chance of some thunderstorms. wet weather continues straight to the week. you'll certainly need your umbrellas. the sierra is expecting snowfall winter weather advisory is in effect. snow levels look like they will stay above 7,000 ft. 2 in. this afternoon. after that, tonight in tomorrow anywhere from 4-8 in.. snow will start to the north of highway 8- 80. right now it looks like your current temperatures soaring to the 50s. future cast four norris a sense the
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best chance of what weather moderate-heavy downpours and times looks like we will continue right to commute time evening hours, the best chance being into the set's been even along the peninsula. action in as into the 50s, 60s. 59 and then hand san francisco the temperatures dipping into the low 60s through the east bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. very active forecast wet weather continues to this week looks like the heaviest rain newsom on friday chance of showers through the weekend. erica? >> erica: no hot spots, not
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even an accident report. good drive times expected a live look carefully perched the bay bridge very quiet at this hour just a couple of cars. not tracking in eproms rear ride along the upper deck. drive to images nine minutes to the foot of the mes. westbound traffic looks good, watch this space between cars. the east bound, these bright lights, no problems reported. no accidents or incidents reported. not even install to report. 7101. traffic speeds moving 60 mi. per hour. and in the sf bay no hot spots. we don't have that back on the 87 interchange, where you're
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headed in the sense bay were not tracking any problems. >> james: developing story japan, it is wednesday night, the situation continues to change. the debt allies risen above 2700. they're suing them cells in doors to protect against radiation. >> reporter: an explosion that japan's power plant sent a billowing died of smoke. friday's earthquake knocked out the cooling system, the brass for
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nonnuclear reactors are housed inside the building. and this before and after pritchard you can see were one wall was blown off. -- after picture--police were not enough to cause health concerns the best people living within 19 mi. to stay at home, when the as coast. those who lost their homes filed into evacuation centers to take shelter. meanwhile members of the u.s. navy mill been exposed to radiation will performing search and rescue missions. 17 crew members were exposed to low months of radiation. the navy says follow-up indicates they will we find that as a precaution the navy is moving ships away. some have said there is concern that the radiation could we get to california.
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>> practically zero. there's not that much radiation over japan. >> reporter: what would happen there for us to be concerned? >> it would have to be at chernobyl type release of radiation. i would say the chances of this happening are about a one end of 1-10. >> james: 7 corporations are under way after last friday's devastating tsunami surge in san bruno. rain and waves reached the height of nearly 5 ft.. you can see the damage they did. gittin vessels struck, a pro) accounted for. so for the damage is estimated at $17 million authorities say it's very important that they quickly remove the second troops. >> that fuel, oil, gasoline and some store. if you leave
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them on the bottom that you'll see better of the tanks, it floats to the top. what we're trying to do is get those votes out of the water to eliminate that hazard. they're harder is currently under an emergency evacuation the warming closed until sunday. >> james: japan's extensive early warning system is being credited with warning people miss the october quake. a similar system is under development here in california. >> reporter: japan spent $3 billion on its early warning system, the brown dots show all warning stations in the country. many stations in the bay area and was angeles but few elsewhere. that is the problem. >> we don't have information
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to do that. >> even if that happens california has to make sure. he needed medium that will let everyone cell phone. we haven't implemented that yet. >> the extra warning may on the beat 10-50 seconds before the shake but it can benefit those living from the epicenter. >> drugs can get no, we can open doors of taking it out. if you attend second morning it is significant. >> reporter: 1 early-
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warning system is feasible but as my friend to happen anytime soon. dearly is maybe five years from now. a lot of work got to take place between now and then. >> james: santa clara county authorities introduced a new easy-to-use test message #to of receive alerts. it was prompted by the 9.0 pardon me 8.9 magnitude quake. you can setup for the future by visiting their website. and a break now, most rostra the hon. will you will--much more straight ahead. more on that in a minute.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. they bridge approach, traffic is moving well, clinton to san francisco. no word of any problems. --traffic in to san francisco. one last look the golden gate bridge, it is not as foggy as it was yesterday. your ride is nice, light. more headlines around the bay, a man was arrested for allegedly carrying several ounces of
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marijuana for sale in his car. he was arrested after officials found more than 5 ounces of marijuana for sale in his carry. but into jail faces two charges, one misdemeanor. we have video of the scene last night and attempted bank rate lead to a police standoff. a gunman entered the bank at about 430 in the afternoon police arrived with hostage negotiators making contact. employees, customers were allowed to leave. after several hours of negotiation you can see where he exited the bank, he is currently in custody. approximate 30 rooms at one oakland school were ransacked it happened at east oakland pride elementary maureen kelly choses more on what was
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taken. >> reporter: you can see how the metal grates covering the window was pried open so they could gain access. this same scenario was played over and over again every classroom. let me assure you weather looks like inside, you can see how they just trashed this tran ransack tabrets pulling out their contexts like the food you cease gathering the ground. here's a file cabinet there was knocked over. they seem to be precise or what the turks, stealing a computer but leaving behind the printer and fax machine. there also able to get inside the main building at the school this store's window was smashed and so they can gain access to the computer lab. the older computers were left. but here you can see were all of the newer macintosh desktop computers used to be. here's the door the principal's
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office in looks like someone took a hatchet. school officials say between the the outcome of the vandalism the looking at a loss of tens of thousands of dollars. rain kelly, kron4 news. >> we will take a break, let's go back out saw it one more look before we have up to commercial this is the ride down in san jose. the as taillights headed northbound on 101.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. and i've looked at the golden gate bridge traffic is nice, light. so far, so good, otherwise we're dry. that will change louisa is tracking not hurt. in the meantime a developing story of these five people have been injured in the shooting incidents is there. that happened last night just
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after 11:00. one victim suffered from life- threatening injuries for victim ninth4 victims suffered e running. then not identified any suspects. we're following latest in japan that the deadly earthquake is tried to the fourth on the strongest earthquakes since 1900. that is now the update this morning the confirmed death toll rose every free hours. temperatures also dipping down below freezing. search and rescue teams are continuing to look for victims. the situation at the new killer plant is not
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stable. >> reporter: schering their rebel in japan the recovery of bodies continues that debt toll climbs. the threat of more danger looms. the new killer par plant remains unstable with another explosion and fire tuesday leading to unhealthy levels of increased radiation. >> we need now for everyone to route orders previous from the no. 1 plant. we would like to ask him to remain indoors at home, or in your offices. >> reporter: a no-fly zone is none affect some 800 workers evacuated only 50 remain for censure work. for survivors of the quake, russian service as reunions on the search for loveland's continues. >> it feels like the end of
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the world. i've seen look on people's faces. they're just in deep shock. >> reporter: as jurors from the but to communicate with his parents and the states. this is our he describes living there. >> it is crazy. i'm trent hope to get by. >> reporter: japanese stocks closed down 10 print 6% making it the third steepest percentage drop in their history. >> the era's great gams and army have affected every aspect of travel in japan a number of birds are not possible. train tracks left in disarray. there were a handful of people who manage to get there safely. this is the scene yesterday where for ffriedflights arrive from
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japan. >> reporter: we have seen the first few flights come in from turkey is to airports. the passengers coming off those light say the earthquake was a harrowing experience the most violent shaking they've ever filed. some said they were seeking refuge from the potential of new killer follow. some say there are to stay until they know what's going on for fear that their unborn baby and toddler might be affected. >> louisa: new details on the standard gas line explosion today as the deadline regulators have given pacific gas and electric company to deliver records. the surge was triggered by the discovery that pacific gas and electric company had been accurate documents about the
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pipeline that exploded in december note. we're now just hours away from learning the fate of thousands of teachers. those temporary taxes will soon expire. as many as 24 calls and people could be other votes jobs because of it. busman's show oakland dropped a cut to 540 jobs. bound diabolo 100. the governor would like to prolong the taxes but not even all parents like that idea. >> someone has to do something to control this. were the spending in wasting of money. >> his as senate trends? he says he's tired of teachers complaining about budget cuts. >> father worried about a saving teachers' jobs. the rest of the country is losing jobs. >> reporter: as go folk
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rocker says as much as are it will cut that something needs to be done. >> we used to get one gaza bosons were we don't get anything anymore. --$1,000 a sport. >> reporter: the governor wants to keep the tax during some say not so fast. >> of a group with 30 kids, we were microsoft kids but it wasn't a problem. i don't see what the big deal is. >> by at their day's students per class. i don't think it's something the teacher can not handle. >> they have to stop spending. to me there's a lot of problems out there that they're not cutting out. pink slips going to teachers and may lose their jobs must be sent there by tuesday. it's also the day there will give exact numbers on how many teachers are affected.
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>> james: now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: what a surprise we will get used to this trend the good news is we're starting off dry for now. already starting to get a few sprinkles. here is your shot of the bay bridge approach as the storm brushes through still looks like an san francisco and the north bay anywhere between a quarter of an inch and three-quarters of an inch of rain. south bay less than a quarter. the north bay brings as 2 in.. right now, here's your radar started to notice some showers on 101 as we head towards interest seeing some showers through the bay and also just starting to push their way just to the north seeing some showers from petaluma into santa rosa in the hills for it. along the peninsula watching as cell winding its way to san mateo. therefore saying any
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rain there is were light. in the afternoon we pick up in intensity there's potential for an isolated thunderstorms today. 55 degrees in san francisco, satellite, radar continues to show us the stream of moisture pushing its way in. rain now looks like the bulk of the wet weather is moving to the north the rise. scattered showers expected to gather and intensity this afternoon 6:00, we will not as widespread showers. showers really expected to continue into the afternoon and evening. thursday a weaker storm moving through this one will produce less than a quarter of an inch. friday we have a storm that could bring as a heavy rain noticed just how widespread it is looks like it was in fact most of the state rainfall rates of zero-inch- an inch and a map. today
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your eyes will kulak just slightly down into the mid '60s. wednesday, thursday continue with their cooling trend. will not escape the mid-50s. rain continues all the way into next week. >> erica: no news is good news in the traffic center. no problems or hot spots. if you're heading out traffic is beginning to build still tracking pretty good conditions for your westbound ride. san mateo bridge, 92 westbound looks good. still trucking lot of space between cars we do not have any accidents or incidents to report here. your ride of covering county is very quiet the no problems to report traffic is moving up the limit. crosstown freeways rate here at the 101 needs 0 split practically out gross ton.
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--101-0 practically a ghost town. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. world news, the problems we're seeing at this new view their power plants are causing fear around the world especially in europe. here's video added germany an increasing number of people are protesting against the use of nuclear power. secretary of state met with the foreign minister in paris, this is a further drop sharing the both of them it comes as japan struggles to recover from that earthquake and tsunami. the thing to the u.s. government for the assistance and encouragement. she offered condolences and solidarity
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she will now be followifightingo eject. in indian newspaper has linked up with wikileaks to sift through diplomatic cables covering the relationship with new delhi. it talks about how much intelligence to share. the cables also show that india's prime minister was isolated within as government over his strong belief in talks with pakistan. nationally as an oklahoma man is in good condition after driving his vehicle of the cliff. the man drove his car up the cliff to get a better view over the edge and miscalculated how far away yet it was. the car plummeted straight down into a ditch. the man got a result of a car so strapped to a stricter pulled up by emergency responders amazingly he only complained
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of neck and back pain. the organization that administers the exams for high school diplomacy will begin offering the test on computers. sites in california florida, the georgia along with taxes will be among the first to offer to root ball mental testings on computers. there's rarely taken with pencil and paper. by the end of the year 11 students--11 states will begin using computerized test. a judge on monday granted media request about question years which is as the judge and lawyers in seeking a jury but the judge will keep the jurors' names confidential until the end of the trial. any such communication could cause a mistrial so they will be kept confidential. tiger
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woods is making a return to late-night tv. getting back in the game for the first time since his marriage fell apart admits claims he had multiple mistresses. he's set to appear on lin they would jimmy fall to mark. we will take a break, much more straight ahead. a live look at cents from our roof camera where we're dry for now. as louisa has been telling us we're expecting rain today and throughout the remainder of the week. more in a moment.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. list straight to the forecast, they as they we expect things to get a stamp.a little . >> louisa: we will continue to see wet weather for everyone send me dry strip
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today just starting to notice some showers move in we do have a chance of some heavy rain in periods this morning into the afternoon even a slight chance of a thunderstorm or two. this is just the beginning of the wet weather we will continue to see a day after day. as we had to the weekend and into next week. right now of storm tracker 4 art is picking up quite a bit of activity. along the bay, the cosines stretching of the way down and to petaluma. down along the peninsula a few cells working their way through. in may actually reach the ground if we see anything in will be very late. that is really the afternoon that brings as a better chance of seeing some heavier rain. mid-50s for san francisco opera 50s down in the south bay. future
4:46 am
cast shows as by about 11:00 in the afternoon we could see moderate to heavy downpours at times. the evening can you looks like a wet one as well. see this area of yellow that indicates moderate downpours. we could even see some heavy downpours. light showers start to taper off towards early evening hours that looks like we drive out. in the sierra winter weather advisory kicks in around 2:00 p.m. lasting to 05 p.m. on wednesday. snow levels expected to stay above that 7000 level we could get 2 in. the this afternoon, 4-8 in. into wednesday. that snow is expected to shift separate. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. one day after another
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continuing with wet weather rain as we had to the end of the week. erica? >> erica: your commute is picking up we still don't have any hot spot if your heading over to the bay bridge tracking light conditions here. a few more cars on the road that we saw 10 minutes ago the not tracking any delay. once you get to the toll plaza no weight at the pay keep. meeting lights are off. no accidents or incidents to report traffic is equal in both directions across the span 13 minutes from end to end. golden gate southbound direction for your ride of the blurring county very light conditions just a couple cars on the road. westbound 80 getting a little more busy them we saw an hour ago when i for sure to this camera. those headlights making their way to the as curve. no real problems past golden gate fields. james?
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>> james: thank you, are developing story the situation in japan. for survivors the scramble to say that and more has just begun. terrible shortages of food and water. still, most people know how lucky they are to be alive. >> reporter: and the tsunami disaster of this massive the small gestures matter most. food and water from someone she barely knows she lost everything. she land from these before and after satellite images that are home was destroyed. >> i never imagined as tsunami could do this saying she lives 2 mi. inland. she is one of the hundreds of new residents of this
4:49 am
elementary school she is the youngest, only three weeks old. her father says he's still young he can't seem to put her down ever since they fled. >> i have to protect my children says this new dad. the only thing i could think is i have to pretenprotect my children. >> reporter: there's so many victims this is just one converted classroom to my right there are very elderly people to my left a child. all of them out awaiting word on the status of their homes, families. they say it's impossible to think beyond this immediate emergency. the most pressing is locating the missing. the message board is filled with calls for help. >> i cannot find them.
4:50 am
>> their hit all of sendai in some way stores damaged without power or selling what they can. that line wraps around the building. needed most water, tea, canned food. today, 10 items per family. what happens tomorrow on the day after that? what can we do says this mother of two children. police we're alive. >> you feel lucky still. back at the school to friends reunited by chance. rear tears of joy airshed by those of grief. japan's growing when they'10 humanitarin crisis. >> james: meanwhile people here are worried about their relatives overseas. he talks about his concerns for
4:51 am
family members there and what his restaurant is doing to help. >> he has relatives in japan and has been right about that ever since the earthquake struck. most of the phone lines had been done but he got a call last night from his brothers and sisters in japan. good news. >> i'm devastated. we do have an uncle in japan. so they say he's ok. >> his family is lucky compared to the thousands of people who lost everything. the images on tv are heartbreaking. the damage from the earthquake and tsunami is massive it is hard to watch the images. but now the problems with the new killer reactors are on everyone's mind. >> the chemicals, i am afraid it is going happen
4:52 am
worst. that is my concern is. >> the right thing to do is to donate 10 percent of their profits to help out. >> i hope people participate. maybe by an extra dessert or appetizer to help. >> james: another story social media and technology companies are finding ways to help the victims of the quake, google has an on-line person binder for people seeking information microsoft is offering free support and license to companies affected by the earthquake. they also pledged to it and $50,000 in cash. twitter is also a trend helped organizing the information by suggesting people use certain tax. request for rescue and other related topics. twitter is
4:53 am
facing a decision on whether to move in order to claim a six year tax break. they've explored a move to brisbane or its cost would be lower. a vote on the move is expected to take place sometime tomorrow. we will take a quick break, a quick look good side as we go this time shot of the golden gate bridge. it looks like an easy ride them during county. --3 and county.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 40 5:00 a.m. a high surf and the bay this is the ocean beach the raids were crushing along the shoreline nothing like what we saw when a tsunami hit california that created a dangerous search. we saw the effects in the harbor all lot of boats overturned. that didn't scare off some people from heading to the beach. kron4 stanley roberts choses. now, here is stanely roberts, with some people behaving badly.
4:56 am
>> stanley: apparently not everyone got the message that there was a tsunami warning issued. for those who did, a few people chose to stick around. everything was good of the ocean beach, although many other areas did not fare so well. the funny thing is tsunamis are totally un predictable. >> i am ok. >> stanley: i'll run away. if i'm going to die and going to die one way or another. >> stanley: solute is one get closer to dying. >> i wanted to see where there was like. >> stanley: to meet being down here was not a good idea but that was my job. at
4:57 am
least i'm not at the waterline. are the dozens of other people who do not know or did not care to the beach was closed. servers also ignored the warning and hit the warnewater. one person i met had a suggestion the next time there's a warning the police to hand out wristbands' to people who choose to ignore it so someone is there to see when the bodies recovered it's easier to identify. >> james: we will take our break, let's go outside give you a look from the james lick freeway traffic is moving pretty good here at 101 more weather in a minute. rain is on the way.
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>> james: the ibm top
5:00 am
stories in the latest from japan as the naked eye crisis goes, with their explosion on monday killing a facility people being warned to stay indoors. >> darya: a shooting in san francisco these five people injured this search for suspects continues. the big day for teachers who will learn whether not they will lose their jobs. will tell you how the cuts will affect schools in the bay. >> louisa: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. notice the raindrops not going anywhere this series of storms we will talk about when you can expect the most wet weather straight ahead. >> erica: no hot spots to >> of a quiet start your commute complete check straight ahead. >> mark: at least five people have been injured in the shooting in san francisco. it happened last night. one victim suffering
5:01 am
from life-threatening injuries the four other victims suffering non-life threatening injuries. all five taken to the hospital. the shooting may be gang- related. >> darya: the death toll following friday's earthquake has risen to more than 2000, 700.700. 14000 people still in themselves indoors to protect against dangerous levels of radiation they live near a crippled power plant where there have been three reactor explosion so far. 70,000 residents living the closest to the plant have been evacuated. the water inside the storage pool may be boiling. the
5:02 am
international atomic energy says radioactivity from japan's earthquake crippled plant is being released directly into the atmosphere. 4 following the latest on how these new hillary actors work. first you had the fuel rods those are inserted into water. there's also a control rods they regulate what's going on. this creates heat it boils the water crating steen, that is transported through pipes to an energy generation system that spins turbines. that's been dozen to a condenser comes back in the form of water. it is pumped into the fuel ride chamber creating a cycle. but the promise they ran out of electors do well if it failed. that cooling system that continues to pump water in and out has failed. and now we're getting the
5:03 am
innermost chamber melting down. that is the situation exactly how to get those rods called is the big question. >> mark: panic over took investors the nikkei plunging 10%. the nikkei the most promise measure of the market down 1390 points that's 14 percent at 1.8 weather closing down 10.6% after closing down 6 percent the day before. today's close is the third worst plunge in history. stocks headed for a major sell-off following the nikkei's drops. and-yesterday the dow was down well over a hundred points. what they're closing down 51 points to 11,00953. looking at futures rain now
5:04 am
future of over to enter points. >> darya: i want to take a look at the weather. i think i'd be that this morning. it looks like the golden gate bridge might be a little of what are ready. --what already. >> louisa: here's what we can expect today san francisco, north bay quarter of an inch-three-quarters of an inch of rain says bay less than a quarter of an inch north bay mounds up to 2 in. of rain. rain are radar is lit up. --right now--from point reyes all the way into the bay we are seeing some showers from petaluma all lipid to santa rosa. along the peninsula we're dry at this point expecting showers to kick in. current temperatures sitting in the mid-50s. future cash shows us that as we head towards your evening
5:05 am
commute it certainly looks like it will be a wet one. we can actually get some water-heavy downpours at times even a slight potential of picking up some thunderstorms. then by about 6:00 noon showers continue but starting to lend them come a taper off. into the evening we have a better chance of trying out. we do have snow expected in the sierra we ever winter weather advisory in effect from 2:00-5:00. snow levels expected to stay pretty high. above the 7000 level could pick up 2 in. this afternoon of snow. not much today but as we head towards tonight and tomorrow we can add four-8 in. on top of that that high elevation is starting to as to the north of i 80. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.
5:06 am
was shows is a very active forecast a weak little storm over and thursday to friday it looks like heavy rain moving in with that wet weather continues. >> erica: bridge check, we don't have any hot spots to track nice conditions are perch in the bay bridge a few cars making their way to san francisco now those meeting lights are off we don't have any problems getting to the bridge. drive time is 9 minutes. san mateo bridge westbound traffic looks good that says tell it's headed toward foster city over at the golden gate bridge very easy ride, very few cars on the sprispins. public transit no problems to >> of just yet. easy, bart, tout trains on time. >> darya: teachers, school
5:07 am
as managers and parents will take part in protest as a part of a day of action. the number of education jobs cutting california could be as high as 24,000. estimates are be sure the oakland school district will have to cut about 540 jobs. in san francisco 500, 100 in the mount diablo school district. the number of jobs cut depends on whether not governor brown's plan is approved. republicans so far have refused to put the facts before the voters. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. we'll leave you with a live look get fired from our roof camera and san francisco is start now back--but him it
5:08 am
úñúñbxck in dry. california should be proud.
5:09 am
we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. senator john mccain says the top u.s. senator will deal with top questions. forces can begin serious drought this summer as planned, it is the first formal assessment of the war. bender naked and the federal reserve report will meet today. at the top of their agenda is the $600 billion purchase bonds. economists think they will agree to stick with the peace and size of the bomb purchases. --pace-- >> darya: a company here in california says it's missing data servers containing the house record, financial
5:12 am
information, so so security numbers for nearly 2 million customers. they cannot account for this data drives, we will be back with more and just a couple of minutes, as we go to the break let's take a peek at gas prices. we would rather tell you first. oakland $3.97 same for san jose. in san francisco $4.10.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
>> darya: developing story we're continuing to follow the cleanup at the santa cruz are left after this tsunami sent waves and the search into the harbor. craig sklar is live with the latest. >> reporter: hello, the
5:16 am
bell rang up his clothes come of the harbors closed it will remain so the least through the end of the week. three boats were removed yesterday, they're roping to remove three each day until they get the remaining 15 edge. $17 million is the damage to the harbor another 4-6 million to the boats themselves. the 100 or so according to the coast guard that have been damaged in various forms up and down the harbor. because as waves that came in causing so much damage. the harder is close to the end of the week, $25,000 worth of penalties if you try to go in and out. the painstaking process of using cranes to try and lift the boats under water and and then assess the damage to the boats in the docks. there will be a unified command to the end of the
5:17 am
week to have to deal with this. turning again today to continue the process of promoting growth. >> mark: bay area weather as we rate for the next train. --lead to for the next rain. >> louisa: we are expecting wet weather through a good portion of the day we could even see some downpours. slight chance of picking up by a thunderstorm or to what what weather continues to rest of the week. --wet weather--s we take it that we're continue to see showers all the way up to 1013 santa rosa. all lanes the peninsula we're still dry. to him early in the
5:18 am
'50s, as we take it today into the afternoon we will continue to seek the most rain up into the north bay. your evening commute looks to be a wet one. do the east bay as well. this of pasters to pick up showers, it probably will pick as much up. 6:00, the rain should taper off. then into the evening it looks like we will dry out. we also have a winter weather advisory in effect for the sierra. snow levels are staying fairly high above 7,000 ft. your eyes are in the '50s-'60s. 60 for novato, napa, 59 san francisco. along the coast upper 50s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows a very act of looking forecast a weak storm moves in on thursday looks like
5:19 am
the strongest storm moves in on friday. wet weather continues to the weekend and into next week. >> erica: no problems, hot spots, slow spots. we are seeing more cars that we saw 10 minutes ago. we are still moving at the limits. no problems reported free ride on the upper deck. san mateo bridge, westbound, taillights look good. same volume of traffic as at 4:00 a.m. drive time of about 14 minutes. marin county,-101 traffic is nice and light. crosstown for you is that good, practically a ghost town. not too many cars out here. if you're heading east bound direction, not tracking any problems.
5:20 am
public transit = good, no problems. >> mark: today's the deadline for pacific gas and electric company 8, they must turn over thousands of documents relating to the pipelines. in the wake of the citadel slight explosion they have to show that their pipeline or state. >> reporter: i'm up the hill from where the explosion took place. six month are to be explosion you can still see barricades' up, only allowing people live here to come and go. the reason why they're asking for the documents some that date back to the '20s is because after the explosion took place pacific gas and electric company claimed the pipe exploded was seamless. turns out, it was not. it did have whelks. the puc is
5:21 am
questioning pacific gas and electric company's document accuracy. there's so many documents they had to use the cow palace as a gigantic library. >> darya: a trial continues this morning for alexander the 18 year-old accuser bringing by brahms, a chain saw and a sort to high school with the attention of killing students and staff. this debt defense claims he suffers from schizophrenia. testimony will continue today to determine whether oakland can prevent a suspected gang members from hang out in the area. the judge has not specified be on whether not use for into roll to get an injunction. john rissole filed a intervention that would bar them from hanging out with
5:22 am
each other in a 450 block area. it would also impose a curfew between the hours of tannat10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m..a live look at the san mateo bridge traffic is light, dry. raindrops ring to move in y area.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>> darya: live look here, golden gate bridge, you can see it is to as little misty. it is not really raining. so far we've had some predicted rainfall totals that we're looking at it is going to reign of its not ready in your neighborhood. -rain-. it takes longer to start down in the north bay, 2 in.. >> mark: firefighters and hawaii are flying over a
5:26 am
welfare there was city in all gloria lot or a set was clarence but--by rioters are flying over a wildfire that was sparked by a volcano eruptions. one of the world's most active volcanoes has been in constant direction since 1983. an oklahoma man isn't good condition after driving his, a 25 ft. cliff is cut to the cliff to get a better view. the mis calculated how far he was he plummeted 25 ft. into a ditch. he got out of the country's easy instructors director. amazingly demand only complained of back pain. >> darya: the problems we're seeing at the nuclear power plants in japan are causing fear around the world an increasing number at
5:27 am
protesting against the continued use of nuclear power. germany and other countries have announced reviews of their own policies for atomic working plants. secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting with the foreign ministers of japan at a meeting in paris today it comes as japan is struggling to recover from the earthquake and the tsunami. the foreign minister thinks the government for its assistance and encouragement. she offered america's condolences and solidary with the people she will now be file into egypt to press leaders to follow through on pledges for reform. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's get at the toll plaza traffic is light. it's really delicious, mom.
5:28 am
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months.
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in the network, everyone can get along. >> mark: mourner developing story new to their problems in japan 14000 people are
5:30 am
putting themselves indoors to protect against rising levels of radiation. there been 3 reactor explosions. japanese and the regular safety officials say the water inside from the damaged reactor at the plant is boiling over. radioactivity from japan's earthquake crippled the new killer plant is being released directly into the atmosphere. rescuers in japan found a glimmer, but they pulled a seven year old woman four days after the earthquake and tsunami. tuz found inside her home that was washed away by the waves. canned goods, bread, water has moved from the shells. loss from, second boats caused damage estimates to jump into the
5:31 am
tens of millions of dollars. today the governor will visit areas hardest hit several islands suffered damage. there as a state of disaster being filed. >> darya: now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: we're ready starting to see that wet weather here is a shot from the north bay you can see the camera shaking around wet weather really starting to kick into the north bay that is where we see the most rain san francisco, north bay quarter of an inch-three-quarters of an inch of rain. little less in assets bay. north bay 2 in. of rainfall. here's your radar it is clear that this morning especially open to the north bay. you can see wet weather stretching all
5:32 am
the way into san rafael. up to petaluma, sellers are. rain now watching some heavier downpours coming in. certainly could see some lightning in bedded in that. just a few raindrops in through san mateo richmond san rafael bridge and maybe a few sprinkles pushing towards the east bay. rain now sitting in their fifties. as we take it to the day he will continue to see this act of weather. it will be a wet one. pushing into the delta towards the central valley. 5:00 better chance of seeing the showers spreading into places like mine view, san jose. wet weather by the evening better chance of trying in the late evening hours. where there is rain, there is snow. winter weather in
5:33 am
pfizer is in effect. snow levels staying above 7,000 ft.. they could pick up 2 in. of snowfall for-8 in. tonight and into wednesday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it does show a cooling trend, by the end of the week mid-50s. it looks like the strongest storm will be on friday in the year saturday. that's one will see those cooler temperatures, wet weather continues through the weekend into next week. >> erica: commute traffic is building we are still free of hot spots. if your heading over to the bay bridge leading lights are not on. no weight at the pay gate. very easy conditions. same story at the san mateo bridge no hot spots or slows spots. we are seeing a larger volume of cars that is among those taillights not as much space between
5:34 am
cars drive times up one minute or so 15 minutes from end to end. marin county, south bound 101 looks good. another live camera this one provided by jackie sissel. the headlights headed southbound right here in san rafael. no problems here great conditions for your entire ride no proms between highway 37 and the waldegrave. public transit looks good no problems. >> darya: today's the day that teachers in california are going to get layoff notices the number of education and jobs cutting california could reach 24,000. here in the bay area teachers, school administrators and parents are taking part in protests in a day of action. let's take a look at some of the events. a news conference will be held at 6:30 a.m.
5:35 am
about the cuts at middle school. they're concerned about 60 teachers losing their jobs there. san bruno, news conference at 4:00 p.m. that will happen where parents and teachers will be there as well, then in oakland, they will have hundreds of teachers there will rally and begin the concerns from 4-4:30 p.m. >> mark: this was the scene and an attempted bank robbery lead to a police standoff began and ended the bank of america police you can see there are arriving on the scene made contact with the man employes and customers were allowed to leave. but the suspects refuse to surrender he appeared more content on
5:36 am
expressing his manifesto please do not know if he had business with the bank of america he walked from the bank on his own, but down his weapon and was arrested with third incident. europe police are asking for the public's--gilroy police. -- public's help finding a man. police found some of the stolen money on a bus in morgan hill. the suspect is agent 30-40 years old, when 80 lbs., clean shaven, 58-5 10 in. tall. >> darya: pyridiuwe will be rigt back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. traffic is nice and light on the james lick it still looks dry. we will be right back.
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
>> darya: social media and technology companies are finding ways to help the
5:40 am
victims of the earthquake in japan. google has a person find there. microsoft is offering free technical support and temporary software license to companies affected and his pledge to rid of $50,000 in cash. twitters trend organize the information coming through its system by suggesting people use certain tags for general earthquake information. request for rescue and other related topics. the san francisco-based company twitter is facing a decision whether not to move to claim a tax break. they have explored the move to brisbane where as business costs would be lower. san francisco has a 1.5% payroll tax wears brisbane does not. about as expected to take place tomorrow. >> mark: the organization that issues exams from high school equivalency diplomas will begin offering those on
5:41 am
computers. they will offer computerized g e d s. starting next month the ged test are currently taking with pencil and paper. by the end of the month 11 states will use the computerized version. as we go to break, i'll live look at storm tracker 4, the first round of grain moving thrh
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. to japan's deadly quake and tsunami is tied for fourth in this song r fourth in the strongest earthquakes in history. the confirmed that role is growing. temperatures dipped below freezing, search and
5:45 am
rescue teams continue to look for more than three dozen victims still missing. this situation at the nuclear plant is not yet stable. >> reporter: scouring the rubble and japan the recovery of bodies continues, the death toll climbs. the sweat of more-- the threat of more danger continues. another fire and explosion on tuesday leading to an unhealthy levels of radiation. >> we need everyone to move at the radius from the no. 1 plant. we would like to ask you to remain indoors. at home, in your offices. >> reporter: a 30 km radius no-fly zone is down effect. evacuated only 50 remain to
5:46 am
carry a load essential world. for survivors raw emotions surface as our unions, searched for loved ones continues. >> it feels like the end of the world. i've seen the look on people's faces, they are just deep deep shock. >> reporter: this teacher was finally able to communicate with his parents in the states. >> it is crazy, i am just trying to get through, one day at a time. >> and economic impact is also being felt. through the snow i >> james: japan's extensive early warning system is being credited with alerting people seconds before the shakeout. the warning
5:47 am
stations are not as widespread here in san francisco. we may not get much warning at all. maybe 10-50 seconds. >> stopping elevators at the next court, opening the doors, opening fire stringent jurors saw the tracks and get out. bart can sign their trains three m.p.h.% gain. attend said the morning you could slow them down there in miles per hour which is significant. >> mark: it is feasible and california but it won't happen anytime soon. santa clara county introducing a new easy as text message number to help residents receive alerts in the event of a disaster. he can sign up for the feature, aken
5:48 am
text 32075 or visit their website. it is estimated that one in four has rolled don't have home phones and only rely on cell phones. 2 >> darya: 88 double live look around the bay to give you a peek at what to face. if you're heading for one of the big bridges. will looks like they're both trying at the moment to >> louisa: . the showers are just starting to hedge their way in. currently reports of lightning and thunder storms. downtown san francisco, the james lick we are starting off dry. that will change. brief-heavy rain with the system. wet weather is not going anywhere. we have a string of wet weather days ahead of us. storm tracker 4 is all lit up you can see this band of rain stretching to the north bay, just about the
5:49 am
edges way into the peninsula. with a long 101 and into santa rosa reed and your wine country dealing with some wet weather as we head on down south just offshore showers to starting to question. in the next hour we'll pick up some sprinkles. turn the in the '50s as we take it to the day the live site your evening commute will be wet. showers continue to spread down the peninsula they will start to lighten up as we head towards six, 7:00 better chance of trying to receive nine snowfall expected in the sierra. snow levels getting up to 700 ft.. 48 in. on top of that tonight and into your wednesday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. are pretty active workweek
5:50 am
had of us. but to marston picking up some showers in looks like a weaker storm by friday that is when we're expecting that strong storm to move in heavy downpours very widespread rain through your friday and saturday. topping getting to the mid- 50s by the end of the week the chance of showers continues. erica christian mark >> erica: to forthank you, norton's, no hot spots. if your heading over to the bay bridge more cars out there that we saw a 10 minutes ago but still a great conditions. no reported problems along the upper deck no proms getting to the bridge. over to the san mateo bridge westbound traffic looks good service east bound traffic heading towards hayward. drive time
5:51 am
is 14 minutes from end to end. north bay, a quiet, no problems reported top speeds reported for your trip from highway 37 and the grave. another camera crosstown freeways look good. here's the james lick where medium and central of drive time from this camera shot clocking in at 15 minutes. traffic maps i did want to highlight the ones low spot in no surprise that is sure ride in the westbound direction of highway 4. speeds average 40 mi. per hour. some minor delays for your westbound ride. darya? >> darya: we will continue looking at our big story which is unfolding in japan. this is a live look of state tv coming from japan as they're talking about the
5:52 am
new killer power plant that has forced 140 thousand people to seal themselves indoors there's concern about their radiation that has spread to four reactors at the new gel implant is one of the hardest hit by the quake. we'll be back with more in a couple of menace. minutes.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. what you're seeing here is where the dow futures are rainout after we saw a 10% in the nikkei and trading in japan we are looking for a big sell-off. we could see over 200 point drop for the dow jones once we get the opening bell we will watch what happens then we'll bring you the opening bell coming up. other stories the latest set of japan as people from the community in the bay area are worried about their relatives. jeff bush caught up with a man with relatives
5:56 am
in japan. >> he owns four restaurants and san francisco he has relatives in japan he has been worried about them ever since the earthquake struck. most of the phone lines have been down but he got a call last night from his brothers and sisters good news. >> there's damage there on and so on but that's ok. we haven't and in northern japan they say she's too. his family is lucky compared to the thousands of lost everything he says the images on tv are heartbreaking rams and others who have friends and family. the damage is massive it is hard to watch the images but now the promise of the country's new killer reactors are on everyone's mind. >> i am afraid they will
5:57 am
happen like chernobyl. that is my concern. >> he decided the right thing to do was to donate 10 percent of this week's processing profits to help out with their relief effort. >> and helped people participate maybe buy extra dessert or appetizer. to help everyone out. >> darya: 5:57 a.m. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes a live like you're at the bay bridge toll plaza approach you can see traffic is moving well. we'll be right back. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
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and we'll change your bed forever. >> darya: 60 a.m. top stories the crisis of the plant in japan. >> mark: the seah


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